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Code Enforcment Board

Pursuant to KRS 65.8835(1) and Section 11-4(m)(1) of the Code of Ordinances, City of Nicholasville, Kentucky, the City of Nicholasville shall possess a lien on property owned by any person found by Final Order of the Code Enforcement Board to have committed a violation of a city ordinance.
The City’s lien shall be for an amount equal to all civil fines and all charges and fees incurred by the City of Nicholasville in connection with the enforcement of its ordinances, including abatement costs. All lien holders of record who register with the Code Enforcement Division will receive weekly electronic mail notification of all Final Orders entered by the Code Enforcement Board.
Registered lien holders will have forty-five (45) days from the date of issuance of the electronic mail notification to correct any violations and/or pay all civil fines, charges, and fees. Any lien held by an individual or entity who fails to register with the Code Enforcement Division and take the required action to remedy any violations and/or pay all civil fines, charges, and fees within the specified time frame will be made junior to the City’s lien.

If you would like to receive weekly email notifications from the Code Enforcement Division, please  download the PDF form below and submit it to via email with subject line “Register for electronic notifications”. Also, if you just want to register but do not receive weekly updates then please state that in the email as well.

Download Code Enforcement Register Form

Current Violations

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